Premier’s Glasgow collection is based on the architectural philosophy and buildings of renowned architects Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Eliel Saarinen.

Mackintosh took design inspiration from his Scottish upbringing, blending it with the flourish of Art Nouveau and the simplicity of Japanese forms.  His style is a contrast between strong right angles and floral-inspired decorative motifs with subtle curves.  The project that gave Mackintosh his international reputation was the Glasgow School of Art.

Eliel Saarinen was a Finnish architect who became famous for his Art Nouveau buildings in the early years of the 20th century.  Saarinen moved to the United States in 1923 after his acclaimed competition entry for the Tribune Tower in Chicago won him 2ndplace.  This modernist skyscraper was influential in the design of a number of future buildings and was considered by many to be better than the 1st place design.

Freshly innovative, Glasgow design is an expression of the vertical pilasters, curves and horizontal elements found in the designs of these two esteemed architects.