The word Mizuki was adapted from the Japanese wordmizuya, meaning kitchen chests.  Historically, these chests of a single configuration were crafted to fit into, or adjacent to, home kitchen alcoves, as a way of uniting house storage needs to house architecture during the Meiji Period.

Inspired by the folk houses and Tansu chests of historic Japan, Premier’s Mazuki cabinetry style is based on the Japanese design principals of simplicity and minimalism.  These design elements, rooted in the cultural life of the Japanese people, are as important in Japan today as they were hundreds of years ago.  Our interpretation of the simple forms and patterns of Japanese furniture and architecture are showcased in the softly curved, clean-line design that is Mizuki.

As you browse through our collection of photos you will see various interpretations of Mizuki styled cabinetry.  All spaces were designed to be historically beautiful and modern-day functional.