Whether you’ve seen it in a magazine, television show, a cabinet-supply store or your local designer’s showroom, somewhere you have seen a kitchen similar to the one shown above. The kitchen was probably showcased for the exterior and you didn’t get a peak inside. At Premier, the structural integrity and durability of the cabinet case is equally important as the exterior appearance. Premier’s cabinet construction is unmatched, exceeding industry standards by using the best materials and methods of construction.

  • Premier crafts cabinet cases with PureBond® plywood, which is strong, rigid and free of any added VOCs including formaldehyde. Cabinet supply stores and even some custom cabinet shops use flakeboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF), which is weak, less rigid and not as resilient.
  • Premier’s case construction uses 3/4” plywood for sides and floors and 1/2“ plywood for cabinet backs as compared to the typical industry standard of 1/2” sides and floors and 1/4“ backs.
  • Our cabinet case construction integrates the sides and floors by using wood dowels, professional wood glue and a high-pressure press. When completely cured, professional grade wood glue is stronger and more durable than the wood itself versus the more cost-effective and less durable approach of using nails, staples and screws.
  • We offer both Maple and Walnut as standard options for your plywood cabinet case!