A custom cabinet manufacturer building their own doors sounds like a given. Surprisingly, the cabinet doors and drawers in many “custom kitchens” are not built within the same walls as the rest of the cabinetry – oftentimes they are outsourced to door vendors! In 2005, Premier began crafting 100% of its doors and drawers in-house. The importance of having Premier craft the doors for our projects is paramount. 

  • Premier doesn’t rely on another company’s interpretation of “high-quality.” We set our own standards that always exceed the norm.
  • Premier controls the wood species we offer instead of being limited to a door vendor’s offering. In addition, we also control the quality and characteristics of all the door framing materials we buy.
  • We offer over 30 different framing beads and raised or flat panel options and are developing more.
  • We hand-select the material for every door ensuring the grain, color and other fine details correlate with the rest of the project.
  • Premier designs all the cutter knives used in joinery in a way that provides a tighter joint and maximizes gluing surfaces.
  • Each door is carefully crafted one at a time and not mass-produced. Because materials vary in composition it is important to make sure the proper gluing, pressure and clamping techniques are used.