The outside is only part of the “full package.” Premier is just as passionate about the interior integrity of our product. While Premier still offers the traditional dovetail drawer box option, our beautiful finger-jointed drawer box comes as the new standard. The finger-joint detail requires a much higher level of craftsmanship to produce. In fact, this box design is so difficult you will not find many like it outside of Premier! In addition, there are many design and structural benefits to the finger-jointed box:

  • Rigorous testing proved that with more surface area to glue on the joinery, this box is much stronger than the traditional dovetail box. It’s structural integrity is simply unmatched.
  • The finger-joint drawer box comes standard with a maple box, walnut floors and walnut pulls for Roll-Out Shelves. Maple floors and pulls can be chosen for your project at no additional charge.
  • The soft, cove profile on the top edge of the sides of the box adds yet another pleasant design element.
  • Equipment to craft a finger-joint simply did not exist. So Premier’s mechanical engineers and in-house metal shop partnered together to custom-build our own machining equipment and clamping mechanism.