Premier is custom in every sense of the word. If a customer has a design dream, we believe it is our obligation to figure out how to engineer and build it. Our commitment to custom has driven us to develop the following:

  • Premier has produced in excess of 5,000 different finishes in order to meet customer requirements. We are fully committed to continue the development of custom colors in order to meet our customers‘ needs.
  • We offer over 140 different standard door styles and have developed over 500 custom door styles to meet specific requests.
  • Premier has 56 crown moldings and 26 baseboards that we produce in-house. Each one is available in all of our wood species. If we don’t have the profile you need, we will be happy to make it for you!
  • Counting all wood species and cuts, we currently have over 100 lumber and veneer varieties in inventory.
  • While wood is the core material, we also provide solutions in various metals, glass and more.
  • If your particular project requires a one-of-a-kind cabinet, we are ready, willing and able to build it.