Passionate about our craft, compassionate about people less fortunate; this is the character of the Premier team. Dedicated to a belief that success is ours to share, everyone here embraces the act of giving.

Since 1991 nearly 2 million dollars in contributions have been directed by our employees to charities and organizations through Premier’s charitable giving program. From local churches and ministries, to international aid relief, funds are allocated and distributed yearly at the request of our workers.

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Message from Premier’s Founder

From the beginning Premier established the opportunity for our team to participate in the responsibility and joy of giving.  Based on the concept of “first fruits giving,” our first use of profit is to “give back.” This commitment is a founding principal and uncompromised company policy.  And, as every team member contributes to the success of Premier, they earn the yearly privilege of directing up to $1,000 to a 501(c)3 charity of their choice.

As a rule, requests must be supported by a personal involvement of the employee with the designated organization, therefore promoting ownership and accountability to the gift. We have been honored to support countless programs around the world through the diverseness of many non-profit organizations.

Our family has been blessed beyond explanation with the joy that has come from sharing the gift of stewardship with our team.

To God be the glory.

Marlin Horst