Premier Custom-Built is a high-end residential cabinetry manufacturing company that offers a superior employment experience for employees, exceptional business opportunities for designers, a premium product to customers, and value to the community through service and stewardship.


Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry will be a leading contributor to excellence in the cabinetry industry through collaboration with highly motivated partners committed to product innovation and creativity.

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Core Values

We attempt to honor God
in all we do by:

  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Pursuing excellence passionately
  • Serving those we lead
  • Demonstrating stewardship of resources

Environmental Responsibility

As a leader in the kitchen cabinetry industry, Premier has always made environmental stewardship a fundamental principle and core value of our business.

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careful resourcingCareful Resourcing

We partner with vendors and suppliers who share our commitment to using the best resources in the most responsible way. 

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in-house approachIn-House Approach

Strategic energy use, lighting, material use & storage, and shipping best practices. 

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seing it throughSeeing it Through

We are dedicated to managing materials even after they leave our facility. Learn how everything from dust to equipment is recycled. 

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Join Our Team

Our success as a company depends on the strength of our team. Here at Premier we’re looking for energetic, dedicated people who share our passion for craftsmanship.