Want Sea With That Wine?

IMG_4681-Edit-2As you might imagine, working inside the walls of Premier is never repetitive. Each week brings new product, advanced materials and fresh designs. However, even after all these years of “doing something new,” all of our work seems to end up on the same general area–land.

This week’s featured project, a customized wine cooler cabinet and accompanying TV cabinet designed by Scarlett Breeding and her team at Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects in Annapolis, Maryland, recorded a few firsts for us. The most evident is the fact that this cabinet’s home will not be on land, but actually at sea on a 165 foot Feadship yacht! This sparkling piece is fittingly identified as the, “Jewel box of the Ship” as it is literally and figuratively the centerpiece of the yacht. The cabinet runs from floor to ceiling and acts as a wall that divides the dining room and the salon; the wine cabinet faces the dining room and the television cabinet faces the salon. 

Perhaps more important is that this is the first, in-house engineered and fully functioning appliance we have ever manufactured. With appliances, we typically buy the actual unit and face it with Premier product. With this particular piece, the high-gloss fumed eucalyptus and mirrored stainless exterior was only the beginning. Premier sourced and integrated the entire cooling and humidification system. The temperature and humidity are sealed in using the same style rubber gasket system as our outdoor cabinetry.

Click on the gallery below to view the shop staging and installation of the unit!


Similar to the exterior, there was no detail lost on the interior of this unit which was seamlessly executed using mirrored stainless steel and incorporated Premier’s integrated lighting. The stainless steel racks allow for two-deep storage and will hold up to 252 bottles of wine. Rubber isolators and bumpers on the wine rack shelves prevent all metal to glass contact.

Click the gallery below to view the wine rack detail!


Since this piece goes on a boat, our engineers and builders wanted to make the unit as easy as possible to install. That is where our third “first” comes into play: The grain-matched toe-and-soffit molding was all assembled using hidden fasteners! The fasteners allow for easy assembly AND removal if it’s ever needed.

Click the gallery below to view the toe and soffit application!


Lastly, the back of the unit has a beautiful stand-alone television cabinet. The cabinet is dressed like the wine cabinet with high-gloss fumed eucalyptus doors and drawers. Mirrored stainless steel wraps the cabinet, with a cutout that allows for the remote controlled TV lift. Under the stainless top, a “trough” or gutter system traps any potential spills. The wall behind the cabinet is currently bare and painted black. Eventually, after installation, Ann Sacks mirrored tile will be laid and finished off with a fitting piece of artwork.   

Click the gallery below to view the TV lift cabinet!


This type of project was certainly unique for Premier, Alt Breeding Schwarz, and of course the yacht community! Scarlett not only pushed Premier to further extend our boundaries and capability, she also set new standards on what type of design you may find at sea! Thank you Scarlett for your partnership and for this great project and opportunity!