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The benchmarks of a truly custom cabinetmaker include the ability to develop and manufacture their own doors and drawers, source their own woods, lay-up their own veneers, and create unlimited finish options.
Custom means working in materials such as wood, metal, leather, and glass. Custom means having the design and manufacturing talent to create styles that include everything from rustic traditional to sophisticated contemporary.
At Premier Custom-Built, these are our core capabilities.
With decades of skill and experience, a dedicated workforce, and engineering excellence applied to everything we do, Premier is the natural choice for all your custom cabinet and millwork needs.

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Stunning materials and great design are nothing without great execution, and the quality of our door, drawer, and cabinet construction is our top priority.
A definitive measure of woodworking competence is building products that endure the tests of time, temperature, and movement. A tight-fitting joint, exact machining, and precise gluing applications which are fully-cured under pressure, result in uncompromised door and cabinet strength, and ensure long-term product performance.
While we take pride in how our joints function, we also want them to look great on exposed surfaces. For that reason, we use a full finger joint on our drawer boxes and roll-out shelves.
Extremely functional and very beautiful joinery — both are achieved by the skilled craftsman at Premier.


We use the highest quality materials and most appropriate construction techniques. Component materials are selected not just for their beauty, but also for durability in their intended use.

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Style endures beyond what’s current and fashionable. Your Premier cabinetry will never seem dated.

Style endures beyond what’s current and fashionable. At Premier, we’re style-literate. We’re rigorous and disciplined in design. We understand architectural and decorative styles in both historical and contemporary expressions. We explore how historically significant periods are relative to contemporary life, then we innovate in applying the language of various periods and styles to contemporary settings. While we constantly innovate, we bring a deep respect for artistic and design integrity to our styles. We know how to revive and refresh period and stylistic language. More, we make those expressions timeless. Your Premier cabinetry will never seem dated.

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The ability to create the color, feel and character you want for your project is a “best-in-class” trait of Premier, and we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive finish capabilities and options in the cabinet and millwork industry.
Stain, Paint, Milk Paint, Polyester, Pure Metal, Powder-coat, and Metal Plated finishes are just the beginning of an endless array of choices. When combined with sheen levels encompassing everything from matte to high gloss, numerous glaze options, a variety of finishing techniques, and many distressing packages, our designers have the ability to create very individual, one-of-a-kind rooms for their clients.
To date, our color lab technicians have developed over 5,000 custom colors and effects, ranging from extreme rustic to sophisticated contemporary — a true testament to the fact that we can create any look you desire.


Our enthusiastic approach to metal has kept us ahead of the design curve. Today, the majority of our projects include metal in some form or fashion.
Metal working is an art, and our metal specialists work in a dedicated building, where they manufacture everything from parts and pieces to complete cabinet assemblies. With many finish options that include plating and polishing to blackening or antiquing, we can achieve looks that fit every style.
In addition to working with solid metal, we also apply metal in a liquid form, called Pure Metal, which can be specified in a polished, brushed, or textured patina.
Whether it’s a simple accent piece, door inserts, or an entire project, Premier is well suited to meet all your metal needs.

Unique Materials

Component materials are selected not just for their beauty, but also for durability in their intended use. When your project is built, we anticipate every possible challenge in installation. This means that each part of your project is configured in assemblies that will seamlessly and easily go into the space. As a result, the component assem- blies fit precisely. This is quality that you can see, but more importantly, feel – every time you enjoy your Premier cabi- netry, whether with admiring friends, under the demanding load of family life, or alone in your beautiful room.

Door Building

A custom cabinet manufacturer building their own doors sounds like a given. Surprisingly, the cabinet doors and drawers in many “custom kitchens” are not built within the same walls as the rest of the cabinetry - oftentimes they are outsourced to door vendors! In 2006, Premier began crafting 100% of its doors and drawers in-house. The importance of having Premier craft the doors for our projects is paramount.

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State-of-the-art lighting options are part of Premier’s offering and include both interior and under cabinet solutions.
Our patented LED lighting technology can be attached to adjustable shelves, installed above drawers and rollouts or be positioned vertically or horizontally in cabinet sides and floors.
Additionally, Premier’s internally-lighted glass shelves are fully adjustable, and provide another interior lighting choice.
Whether you’re looking for task lighting or simply want to create ambiance in your room, Premier has a beautiful lighting package to fit your every need.

Interior Accessories

The outside is only part of the “full package.” Premier is just as passionate about the interior integrity of our product.

With a broad range of custom interior accessories, Premier has storage solutions for every room in your home. From cutlery trays and knife blocks, to jewelry dividers and closet organizers, our accessories are beautifully crafted and stylish.
Like every component that makes a Premier product special, we rigorously test our accessories to make sure they can stand the test of time and use.
Designed to accommodate any scenario, we can custom fit our interior options to meet your every need.

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Attention to Detail

We believe form and function should work together in harmony. Neither needs to be sacrificed for the other.

The smallest details can make the biggest difference. At Premier, we take none of those details for granted, whether the exact cutting of cabinet side panels, selecting individual pieces of door framing stock for grain and color compatibility, the perfect fit of our exclusive finger-jointed drawer boxes, or making sure that every surface is sanded to the optimal degree for its designated finish.

Many of the features that differentiate our cabinetry – such as stainless steel wear strips on the back of waste pullout units and dishwasher fronts, to our sleek, rare earth magnetic closure systems – are products of this attention to the minutest detail by every one of our skilled craftspeople.

Project Management & Engineering

Our Project Managers are known for their careful attention to detail and extensive product knowledge. Each design is managed exclusively by a single person, who focuses their attention on the project from start to finish.
Working in conjunction with our Project Managers is our Engineering team. Their keen understanding of product application, materials, functional hardware and the many custom options offered by Premier, makes them an integral and important part of our process.
This combined team of talented and experienced people is unrivaled in the industry and speaks to how the combination of the Art of Design and the Science of Manufacturing create stunning, one-of-a-kind projects.

An Elite Group of Design Partners

We work with some of the most talented, experienced, and decorated design professionals in North America.

We work together from the values and convictions we share in common. Together, we aspire to achieve the highest client satisfaction possible by using, and often inventing, our industry’s best practices. Premier is more than a cabinetry manufacturer. We are a home for the most highly skilled artisans, craftspeople, and designers working today. We exist not only to make great environments, but also to ensure that the skills, values, and traditions that make them possible thrive and find homes for their expression among people who appreciate fine woodworking.

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Environmental Responsibility

We partner with vendors and suppliers who share our commitment to using the best resources in the most responsible way.

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