Premier’s venture into the world of super yachts, began when we were tasked with building a customized wine unit, complete with refrigeration and an accompanying TV cabinet for a yacht named Broadwater l.  Designed by Scarlett Breeding and the team at Alt Breeding Schwarz in Annapolis, MD, this project had us reaching deep into our “bag of tricks”.

Engineering a fully functioning appliance was a first for Premier. The totally sealed cabinet incorporated a cooling and humidification system, integrated lighting, storage for 252 bottles of wine, and a restraint mechanism to keep the bottles from moving around when the ship is in cruise-mode.  The cabinet, which goes from floor to ceiling and acts as a wall divider between the dining room and the salon, is wrapped in mirrored stainless steel inside and out.  The toe and soffit molding are assembled using hidden fasteners, allowing for ease of installation or dismantle if necessary.

The back of the unit has a beautiful, stand-alone TV cabinet complete with a remote-controlled lift, which allows the TV to be concealed when not in use. Identified as the “Jewel Box of the Ship”, this exquisite furniture piece is literally and figuratively the centerpiece of the yacht.